As your pediatricians, we at Health and Healing Pediatric Clinic try our best providing you with quality medical care in our community and at your convenience.


For your convenience, below is some helpful information to first-time visitors and current patients of our practice.

What types of health insurance plans do you accept?

For your convenience, We accept all major insurance. You can call your insurance to check if we are in your network.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

Insurance card, payment and a list of current prescriptions, as well as over-the-counter medications, any films and reports of X-rays, MRIs or CT scans that you had recently, if necessary.

Do you take walk in?

We encourage you to make an appointment to see us. But walk in can be seen depending of physician Appointment availability.

Do you have after hour coverage?

Yes we have some late PM and weekend hours. Any emergency please call 911. You may call your insurance after hour nurse line for advice. You can also call our   after hour number to get advice from on call doctor.

Do you use electronic medical record?

Yes we use epic. If you have seen at any facility of Dallas Children’s Medical Center then you do not have to transfer your chart , we can access you chart from our system.

Do you accept new patient?

Yes we are accepting new patients.

Do you cover hospital?

Yes we round on the newborn at The medical center of Plano and Plano Presbyterian Hospitals.

Do you do circumcision?

Yes we do during Newborn visit after the delivery.

What is the well schedule?

We follow American Academy of Pediatrics guideline. We can explain on each visit about next visit schedule and vaccine  recommendation.

Do you provide immunization/vaccination?

Yes we do according to CDC guideline. We accommodate alternative and catch up schedule.

Do you provide acute illness care?

Yes we care for common urgent care issues including suture, incision and drainage of abscess, breathing treatment, foreign body removal etc.